Industries & Clients

VIA is proud to work with leading global brands and companies from every industry

VIA is proud to work with Autodesk

Taking a fun approach to the serious subject of compliance and completion law, VIA was recognized for its excellence in eLearning. READ MORE

As it expands internationally, DAKINE works with VIA to communicate key product information in each country’s native language. READ MORE

VIA is proud to with HP

HP needed a better way to train a globally dispersed sales force that must constantly update their knowledge base and prove competence. READ MORE

VIA is proud to work with Intel

Intel® works with VIA to translate new product videos into multiple languages including Arabic, Portuguese and Turkish. WATCH VIDEO

VIA is proud to work with NAVEXGlobal

NAVEX Global selected VIA to help them provide their clients with a secure, high quality language translation and localization solution. READ MORE

VIA is proud to work with Nike

Leveraging VIA’s Memory Bank™ Nike earned several discounts when localizing its website about Transitions® lenses for its global audience. VISIT WEBSITE

OHSU worked with VIA to translate its AIDET housekeeping protocol into in nine languages for its diverse Environmental Services staff. READ MORE

VIA is proud to work with Oracle

By centralizing all of its contract translations to VIA, Oracle was able to reduce its legal translation cost-per-word by 60% and cut review time in half. READ MORE


SFHP works with VIA to effectively communicate with its 50,000+ internationally diverse and limited-English proficiency (LEP) members. READ MORE

VIA is proud to work with Webtrends

Webtrends worked with VIA to localize the product interface, sales information and product training for its Japanese customers. READ MORE

In May 2018, we are becoming United Language Group Click to Learn More