Industry: Consumer Goods and Retail

VIA provides transcreation and translation to communicate your brand identity globally.

For companies in the Apparel, Electronics, Food and Beverage, Luxury Brands and Personal Care industries looking to expand their market share and revenues, it is essential that their employees are well trained on their products and that their branding is clear across all markets.

Employee training

Online training and certification of retail store personnel is often a key strategy for increasing brand awareness, knowledge and loyalty. VIA understands the art and science of getting preferred retailers and key employees to participate in the training and retain the pertinent knowledge. We offer a variety of e-Learning options including mobile, web and game-based training that can be incorporated into a program that learners will love and that will fit into their daily activities.

Global branding

When expanding your consumer goods and products internationally, it is important to communicate key product information in each country’s native language. Additionally, some countries require you to provide product information in the country’s native language. VIA lowers language and cultural barriers to help its clients do business more effectively anywhere in the world.

VIA works with hundreds of global companies to help them convey their dynamic brand and technical product advantages accurately, so they are not lost in translation. VIA is known for its high-quality translations and translators that are skilled at adapting text to fit into the market and culture. Additionally, VIA has the best translation and localization accuracy record, which is essential in helping you meet your business objectives. Lastly, VIA provides a streamlined translation and localization solution for multiple languages.

VIA is a trusted provider of professional translation and eLearning services

Leading global companies rely on VIA for its expertise in translation, localization and learning support. VIA works with HP, Intel, Cisco and more great customers for localized educational content including documentation, web, software, rich media assets and more.

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