Industry: Marketing and Rich Media

VIA specializes in marketing and advertising translation, transcreation and localization to protect your brand.

VIA blends art and science to accurately capture the nuances of your brand and the local culture, as well as the precision-detail of your product. With our linguistic fluency, technological proficiency and rigorous, tested standards, we ensure that you successfully deliver the right translated message that speaks with your brand’s voice and with localized meaning, in every communication.

Because we understand marketing and work with the top marketing departments as well as advertising and interactive agencies throughout the world, our customers know they can trust us to embody the spirit of their brands as we translate and localize their campaigns.


VIA’s transcreation is an effective way to ensure that your message is culturally relevant and appropriate for your target audience. The VIA team includes linguists skilled in creativity and writing, who go beyond language translation to ensure your ideas, brand attributes and key messages hit the cultural mark.

Media translation and localization

VIA’s advanced technology coupled with a network of local voice talent and an in-house team of engineers, designers and project managers supports multimedia production in all major languages. From audio narration, subtitling and animation, to interactive design, VIA transforms your digital assets into reusable and interactive formats for global use.

Website translation and localization

At VIA, our team works as an extension of yours to manage messaging and branding standards, content and technical requirements for each locale. Common web support services include 2D and 3D graphics, Flash, Audio and Video, Web publishing, .NET and XML publishing.

Product and documentation translation and localization

VIA works with you to adapt products, packaging and supporting content to meet the needs of your global customer base. With a proven methodology and impressive 99% on-time delivery rate, VIA can help accelerate your product’s time-to-market and increase local market customer loyalty.

Software translation and localization

VIA delivers full software localization support, including engineering and testing for applications based on Java, Microsoft .NET, Visual Studio and other development environments. Our in-house engineers and QA testing lab provide non-linguistic support from writing test plans to quality assurance and compilation.

Colleen Taylor CMD

“Their extra attention to detail saves us a lot of time

VIA has been a great translation resource for CMD. Not only do they translate into more than 125 languages, they can also handle any file type we throw at them. Plus, they take on the heavy lifting of inserting the updated content into the original assets like Illustrator and even voiceover on a video. Their extra attention to detail saves us a lot of time and is much appreciated by our clients.

Colleen Taylor – CMD

Global content management solution

With VIA’s marketing translation and globalization solutions, companies can reduce the amount of new content for translation, automate processes, reduce costs and increase language coverage for their global markets.

VIA is a trusted provider of marketing translation and localization services

Our specialized, hand-picked translation and localization network and ISO-like processes are trusted by global companies such as Cisco, Intel, HP, General Physics, Dakine and Google for localized content including documentation, web, software, rich media assets and more.

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