Cultural Assessment

Our Cultural Assessment service looks at the cultural implications your website localization, marketing campaign or advertisements may have when directed at a foreign audience. Through our assessment, using cross-cultural models and tools, we ensure your project maximizes its potential with its new audience. Our cultural specialists help you evaluate your key messages, names, slogans, stories, examples and graphics based on your target audience. You receive a report with key findings and suggestions by language, country and culture.

Examples of areas our Cultural Assessment service includes:

  • Language – Do all the words, phrases, sayings and metaphors translate directly to the target language? The style of the language in relation to the target audience also needs proper cultural assessment.
  • Pictures – Pictures or images have certain connotations that can attract or repel viewers.
  • Colors – Colors are also loaded with cultural meanings. Choosing the wrong color for your website or marketing piece will not always have disastrous consequences, but avoiding them is always advisable.
  • Content – Our service also examines your written content. This is important for proper transfer of aspects such as dates, currencies and units of measurement, as well as for presenting the correct company image.

VIA’s network of bilingual cultural specialists are ready and willing to give you feedback on your copy, advertisements, campaigns, products and more.

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