Environmental Responsibility

We believe that every business and every human is responsible for the care and nurturing of the environment we live in. We all must recognize and be responsible for the consequences of our actions.

We are committed to understanding and reducing our environmental impact in terms of carbon, water and waste. This commitment stretches across all our operations, data centers and the communities in which we work and live. We foster awareness and responsibility among our stakeholders, employees, suppliers, and clients. Given the nature of our business, our primary environmental impacts include office energy, as well as waste, paper, water consumption, and carbon emissions from business travel. Here’s what we’re doing about that:

  • Our employees play a key role in helping VIA achieve its environmental goals. Environmental awareness is encouraged, along with training and collaborative sessions to improve our environmental performance.
  • We actively support, encourage and reimburse for public and alternative modes of transportation, as well as provide changing rooms for bicycle commuters and access to bicycle storage. Business travel activities are tracked with the aim of reducing associated emissions.
  • We have implemented practices to reduce our energy use, and operate within a tenant space that has qualified for LEED status by meeting water efficiency, energy, material use and indoor environmental quality standards. In addition the space is designed with low impact-environmentally conscious products.
  • We seek to minimize waste sent to the landfill from our operation. Recycling is mandatory, through individual and workstation recycling receptacles. Systems are automated and facilitate electronic data, access and storage. We donate all obsolete hardware and mobile devices to recycling organizations that support Basel Action Network (BAN) guidelines.
  • Our commitment to sustainability also extends to our supply chain and customers. All workflow is supported electronically, and vendors are contractually encouraged to reduce their environmental impact. In delivering this policy, VIA is committed to a program of continual improvement and awareness building among all stakeholders. All employees are expected to understand practices and support them by participating in appropriate training and awareness activities.

Thank you for taking part in our environmental responsibility.

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