Why localization is essential for effective global compliance programs – Compliance & Ethics Professional, September 2016


SCCE Article 2016In our globalized world, translation and localization are essential to international compliance programs. Failure to offer compliance training in the appropriate language can result in FCPA action, as in the recent SEC actions against Nortek Inc. and Akamai Technologies.

Read this article in Compliance & Ethics Professional Magazine by our own Darren Megarry to learn how you can efficiently translate your compliance-related documentation to minimize risk: Why localization is essential for effective global compliance programs.

Topics include:

  • The best way to minimize risk is to translate and localize all compliance-related documentation into employees’ local languages.
  • Word-for-word translation is not enough. The nuances of compliance gray areas are difficult to capture. Your training materials need to be culturally relevant.
  • In-country resources can be invaluable in reviewing translated content, but experts recommend using both external
    translation providers and internal resources for effective translations.
  • When evaluating a translation partner, look for a provider with subject-matter expertise in FCPA and UK Bribery Act ethics and compliance translation and localization.
  • Establishing a smooth translation process can make multilingual compliance issues as painless as possible.
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