RapidEdit® — Machine + Human Post Editing

Machine Translation can be combined with human post editing for further translation accuracy with quick turnaround and minimized costs. Post-editing of machine translation significantly improves translation quality through enhanced comprehension and accuracy of meaning, without losing the benefits of machine speed and cost. For example, professional legal linguists can edit machine translation output to match the source content and remove errors.

Machine Translation Infrastructure

Additional ongoing customization of the MT infrastructure, as well as completely automated integration of tools, such as Translation Memory and glossaries, delivers MT results that can be efficiently reviewed by our hand-picked linguists.

This unique software as a service from VIA, also known as RapidEdit®, offers the following competitive advantages:

  • Up to 35% reduction in total translation costs.
  • Fully automated and integrated end-to-end workflow reduces manual resource drain by 50%.
  • Customizable MT infrastructure, deploys instantly and improves quality over the life cycle of the project.

Learn more about VIA’s machine translation solutions in our Machine Translation Overview.
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