eLearning Localization

Effective global eLearning requires more than simply converting content from one language to another. As your partner, VIA translates the language and cultural nuance of your training as well as your brand’s voice so that courses speak directly to your audience.

Cultural Adaptation & Localization

VIA’s cultural evaluation and country-specific review services ensure that course components connect to learners regardless of language or custom. Our instructional design team understands the impact critical features like individual vs. collective norms, social nuances and cultural signifiers can make within training. We work with you to create content that captures the cultural uniqueness of your learners. Our translators are native speaking and the best in the industry. Ask about our stakeholder review program – we manage the input and review cycles in your partner countries to help ensure acceptance across all regions.

Voice & Media Localization

VIA transforms digital assets into re-usable interactive formats for global distribution. Our advanced technology, local voice talent network and in-house team of engineers, designers, and project managers supports production in all major languages. From audio narration and subtitling to design interactivity and animation, VIA’s expertise informs each stage of the process to ensure your goals are fully realized.

Localization Engineering

We handle the technical details and perform linguistic and functional testing so you don’t have to worry about common localization issues. We cover your final Learning Management System program implementation, tracking, and ROI too.

Our learning localization services include:

  • Professional translation, voice over and attorney review in more than 125 languages
  • Hand-picked teams of linguistic and compliance specialists
  • Cultural assessment and brand management services
  • Courses built with localization in mind to reduce translation cost
In May 2018, we are becoming United Language Group Click to Learn More