Legal Translation


As the world seems to get smaller, businesses are expanding their reach causing legal and compliance professionals to deal with more languages, cultures and legal systems than ever before. We help our legal clients, whether in-house counsel or law firms, wrestle with this complex and challenging phenomenon every day.

VIA facilitates contract, compliance, IP and litigation services in over 125 languages around the globe. We’ve built a network of 5,000 legal translators in over 100 countries, all hand-picked to meet our stringent standards. These experts are one reason for our high client-satisfaction numbers (99%)! Another reason is our smart use of technology, which makes VIA a cost-effective and secure resource for all your legal needs.

Litigation and eDiscovery

In today’s globalized business environment, there is an increase in cross-border disputes and regulatory investigations. As a result, large volumes of eDiscovery content or electronically stored information (ESI) require translation. Whether you are dealing with one document or one million documents VIA can scale to meet your needs. Our matter-specific machine translation can deliver a rapid turnaround for high-volume litigation and eDiscovery content in a highly secure environment, so that all the data can be reviewed in one language. In addition, we have a network of in-region legal linguists who can translate more sensitive eDiscovery content. VIA’s litigation services also include industry leading data segregation and security practices, such as desegregated translation memory, segregated data portals and controlled terminal access. READ MORE

Contract translation

VIA understands that getting buy-in from in-region reviewers can be a big challenge for global companies. We can help! From reseller agreements, to leases and EULAs, VIA is the partner you need to conduct business around the world. We offer legal translation for both small and large projects. Ask us about our managed services program, which removes redundancy, reduces cost and mitigates risk through standardized translation processes that will scale across your geographies. READ MORE

Compliance translation

It takes an immense effort and significant amounts of reliable translation to stay current with both regulatory compliance requirements, like the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act or the European Data Directive. VIA is your resource for complete localization to support your global governance, ethics and compliance strategy. Through development and localization of policy information such as code of conduct and corporate values, HR handbooks, hotline responses and compliance eLearning, VIA helps you engage, educate and mitigate risk across your global footprint. READ MORE

VIA Legal Translation Overview

Read a summary of how our service-driven model yields the highest quality, most accurate work in the industry. Read it here.

Intellectual property

When translating patents, every single word must be judiciously considered. One dropped or mistranslated word could jeopardize the entire patent. This is not the job for a generalist translator – both skill and subject matter must be carefully matched. At VIA, we understand the highly specialized world of translating patent documentation for filing with patent offices around the world, including the EPO, JPO and USPTO. READ MORE

Machine translation

If you are looking for the best way to manage large document sets of multilingual legal content more efficiently, Machine Translation (MT) is the only option. MT is ideal for processing substantial volumes of content, including eDiscovery documents, cross-border merger and acquisition materials, and large communication files (email, .pst, etc.). In these situations, MT can quickly provide reviewers with a ‘gist’ of the content to meet court requirements, validate the in-region translations or work through large amounts of data associated with M&A second requests. To optimize output and meaning without losing the benefits of machine speed and cost, VIA integrates custom engines, using key case, project or industry specific terminology and technology. VIA tailors each solution to ensure the best results possible for each client and each project. READ MORE

Managed services

Centralizing translation brings benefits of cost savings, quality and speed to any organization. VIA’s managed services combine high-quality, in-region translation with centralized management processes, technology and stakeholder review. We address both language and culture issues to ensure your international audiences perceive products and content as you intend. The net result is a reliable, efficient process that works across all your geographies. READ MORE

Quality Assurance

Ensuring quality for all your translated content is a critical component of any global strategy. Our 99 percent on-time delivery average and 98 percent per-project quality rating illustrate our commitment to delivering the best service and most accurate work in the industry. To ensure consistently superior results, we adhere to an exacting quality control process. VIA’s QA process includes a blend of proprietary tools and best-of-breed technology optimized for legal content translation such as language syntax, key legal terms, and negation checking. READ MORE