eDiscovery and Litigation Translation

With the tremendous amount of electronic data that flies around the world in our tech-advanced age, it is not unusual for up to 50% of all content in the eDiscovery process to be in a foreign language for large cross-border matters. Whether you are reviewing relatively large or small volumes of data, having access to that content in English, can streamline the review process and greatly improve your understanding of the content. Combining our in-depth legal industry knowledge, legal specific processes, legal translation experience and scalability, VIA delivers the most effective solutions for your global discovery and litigation translation needs.

Cross-border eDiscovery machine translation use cases

Curious about cross-border eDiscovery machine translation?
See example use cases here.

Custom Litigation Translation Solutions

VIA understands that every legal matter has a different need. From high volume machine translation, to individually translated content by in-region legal linguists, we have the expertise to help with your litigation translation needs. Plus, our 99% on-time delivery record means you never have to worry about missing an important litigation translation deadline.

Machine Translation

When working through Gigabytes to Terabytes of data, using machine translation (MT) to get a gist of your large data sets, improves efficiency by allowing you to review all the global discovery content in one language. That’s why VIA  built a dedicated global discovery machine translation service. VIA integrates case specific terms and phrases with world class automated machine translation technology capabilities to deliver the most effective litigation translations and increase the efficiency of the review process.

Legal Translation & Proofreading

When you are working with sensitive legal documents, such as patents and contracts, you need more than a gist. VIA has a hand-selected network of specialized legal linguists in 54 countries with capabilities in more than 125 languages. Our in-region legal legal translation experts can capture the subtle nuances of the culture and local laws. For example we have sworn translators in Germany, as well as translators who can provide attestations and notaries for individual projects.


Navigant is pleased to work with VIA as its trusted partner

“Navigant’s Global Legal Technology Solutions group recently relied on VIA to translate and produce approximately one million foreign language words in two weeks, in connection to a global merger investigation matter.  Navigant is committed to delivering excellent and swift results to its clients, and Navigant is pleased to work with VIA as its trusted partner for Navigant’s translation needs.”

Peter Gronvall – Navigant

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