Patents and Intellectual Property Translation

VIA understands the highly-specialized world of patent and intellectual property translation. This is a world where accuracy and subject matter expertise are vital.

Our in-region translators are hand-picked for their extensive backgrounds in technical and patent translation. We employ only patent translators and editors who hold technical degrees (such as M.S.E.E., PhD., or M.D.) in engineering, science, medicine or computer science.

Patent translation by level of service

  • Patent filing translation: This level includes translation and proofreading by a translator with a technical background in the field of patents as well as an understanding of the differences in regulation, practice and statutes between USPTO, EPO and JPO.
  • Information only and/or selection translation: This level of pricing reflects only a literal translation that closely follows the original patent’s content, sequence and style. This service is not fit for filing.
  • Gist and/or research translation: This level is limited to a scan of documents to provide you with answers to your questions, or the translation of paragraphs or claims that are most pertinent to your query, such as abstracts, table of contents, lead paragraphs, headings, claims, etc. Our translators, with a technical background in the scientific field of patents, can often provide answers within a day or two, at a fraction of the cost of a full translation.
  • Machine Translation: This level of translation solution provides a low-cost/high-speed gist of the content for research, litigation and more.
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