Our Technology

VIA provides innovative technology to help our clients achieve their goals faster, smarter and more cost effectively.

As the globe continues to shrink, companies need efficient tools to manage the translation, dissemination and monitoring of their multilingual messages. At VIA we are passionate about providing excellent customer service and innovative technology to help our clients achieve their goals faster, smarter and more cost effectively. We help our clients to leverage the right technologies and the best people for maximum efficiency.

Memory Bank™

Translation memory is a great way to lower your costs and increase the efficiency of translations across your entire organization. VIA’s Memory Bank™ and translation memory solutions enhance match rates to provide the maximum levels of translation re-use, resulting in a 20-50% savings per project and improved quality output. READ MORE

Automated machine translation

Machine translation is ideal for processing large volumes of data in an extremely short period of time. VIA integrates industry-certified machine translation technology with customized tools and additional features to optimize the output. READ MORE

Skip Westfall_Circle

“The VIA team was great to work with”

“We worked with VIA on a large machine translation project for a cross-border, multi-party and multi-firm litigation matter. The VIA team was great to work with as we processed over 12 million files in 6 weeks, occasionally processing over 500,000 files in a single day.”

Skip Westfall – Forensic Technology Leader

RapidEdit® — machine + human post editing

Machine translation services can be combined with human editing and review services to achieve target output and project objectives. Post-editing of machine translation significantly improves machine translation output quality through enhanced comprehension and accuracy of meaning, while leveraging the benefits of machine speed and minimized costs. VIA’s hand-picked linguists edit machine outputs to achieve translations that match the source content and to remove spelling and grammar errors. READ MORE

Online translation platform

In this fast-paced world, where teams are dispersed and often working around the clock, there may not be time to send an email and wait for a human to reply. The cloud-based VIA Translation Platform combines smart technology and skilled translation professionals in more than 125 languages, to provide fast and secure access to upload and retrieve jobs from anywhere, at any time. Our built-in quoting and reporting enable you to easily track all your translation projects in one place. The platform provides a flexible, scalable way to automate critical tasks associated with translation workflow at the click of a button. READ MORE

In May 2018, we are becoming United Language Group Click to Learn More