Automated Machine Translation

Machine translation (MT) is the process by which computer software is used to translate text from one natural language to another. Most modern MT engines use a hybrid of rules for grammar, lexicons and subject specific terminology combined with statistical methods that match commonly used phrases and translations together.

VIA works with all the major engines including Microsoft, Google, Moses and Systran. VIA’s MT architecture supports more than 40 languages “out of the box” for immediate deployment demands. We can also customize our MT architecture to meet your needs within days and will continue to make improvements, so you get the best results over time.

Machine Translation at Scale

Ideal for quickly and cost-effectively providing a cursory understanding and impression of the content, MT is a viable option when translating large volumes of content. For example, VIA’s MT at Scale solution is optimal for Litigation, M&A and high volume data requirements for legal. Machine Translation (MT) at scale addresses two critical business challenges: turnaround time and cost.

VIA has developed a proprietary solution to increase the throughput of traditional MT software while maintaining the directory structure. Our enterprise-grade, cloudbased machine translation process can be easily scaled up and down to accommodate changes in business and language needs, reducing ramp-up costs and accelerating turn-around time. We are constantly improving our processes to deliver the most effective translations and increase the efficiency of the review process.

VIA offers a dedicated and customizable MT solution based on your needs:

  • Dedicated, secure, fully automated MT workflow delivers 8x the throughput performance of public engines when dealing with large scale document processing.
  • VIA’s custom MT solutions save between 35% and 98% of the cost, when compared to full human translation

Learn more about VIA’s machine translation solutions in our Machine Translation Overview.
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Secure, Auditable & Trackable

The use of MT can also improve a company’s data security footprint through its automation. Though human translations can be more precise, each person who gains access to a document creates a new security vulnerability. MT allows for exacting security protocols and controlled access, making such translations potentially more secure than either human translation or bilingual in-region review. VIA also works with our clients to meet organizational information governance and regional data privacy regulations during the localization process.

Machine Translation + Human Post Editing

Machine Translation can also be combined with human post editing for further translation accuracy with quick turnaround and minimized costs. Read more about RapidEdit® — Machine + Human Post Editing.

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