Translation Memory: Memory Bank ™

Translation memory is an important tool in any translation process to dramatically improve quality and efficiency. With VIA’s Memory Bank™, previous translations are stored and recycled so you never have to pay to translate the same sentence twice. You can choose how to apply the translation memory to your projects. In some cases, you may like to automatically apply translations and mark them as complete. In others, you can choose to apply translations, but leave them for the translator and proofreader to review and, in some projects, you may choose to ignore the translation memory completely.

  • Significant reduction in translation costs: 20-50% savings.
  • Faster translation times: your multi-language content is completed 30-70% faster.
  • Improved consistency: approved translations are re-used improving quality and customer satisfaction.

Your translation memory is an important asset. VIA will create a unique private translation memory database, to which only you and your assigned translation team has access. We can provide you with a copy of your translation memory at regular maintenance intervals and/or as requested. Additional services, such as terminology management, quality assurance and technical integration are also available. READ MORE