Translation Services

At the VIA translation agency we have a passion for helping our customers communicate across boundaries of language, comprehension, and culture.

Professional Translation Agency

The VIA translation agency is your complete source for content translation, language translation and language localization services.

We offer more than 125 languages, a wide range of industry specializations including legal translation, compliance translation, contract translation, and health care translation.

Our Translation Agency Services Include:

  • Legal Translations
  • Litigation Translations
  • Contract Translation
  • Compliance Translations
  • Healthcare Translations
  • Document Translations
  • Business Translations
  • Machine Translation
  • Language Localization
  • Transcreation Services
  • Translation Memory
Translation and Localization Overview Infographic for the VIA Translation Agency.

Learn more about what our translation agency does in our Translation and Localization Overview.
Read it here.

Translation Agency Project Management

VIA literally has the best localization project managers in the world, according to our clients. Our managed services combine high-quality, in-country translation with centralized management processes, technology and stakeholder review.

We address both language and culture issues to ensure your international audiences perceive products and content as you intend. The net result is a reliable, efficient process that works across all your geographies. READ MORE

Translation Quality Assurance

Ensuring quality for all your translated content is a critical component of any global strategy. VIA provides translation testing to ensure language quality – even if we are not your translation agency. Our 99% on-time delivery average and 98% per-project quality rating illustrate our commitment to delivering the best service and most accurate work in the industry.

To ensure consistently superior results, we adhere to an exacting quality control process. Each project must satisfy multiple steps to ensure industry expertise, language command and cultural accuracy. READ MORE

Rich Media Language Localization

Engage your target market with visual content that makes an impact. VIA’s end-to-end multimedia localization services include project setup, translation, component localization and multilingual voiceovers along with QA and testing.

Our translating agency works as an extension of your team or with your creative agency to transform video animation, Adobe® Flash® content, eLearning and rich online presentations into smart, engaging global assets in more than 125 different languages. Our advanced technology, network of native voice talent and in-house team of designers transform your digital assets into re-usable and interactive formats for global use. READ MORE

Website Localization Services

Localizing and deploying a multilingual website allows you to instantly reach a worldwide audience. VIA’s web localization services help you manage translation content, while ensuring the consistency and relevance of your brand in more than 125 languages. In addition, we offer a range of approaches to fit your needs, including traditional translation, SEO web translation and guided workflow updates to different locales.

VIA helps you maximize the return of your global website and digital marketing initiatives through a number of translating agency services. READ MORE

Colleen Taylor CMD

“Their extra attention to detail saves us a lot of time

VIA has been a great translation resource for CMD. Not only do they translate into more than 125 languages, they can also handle any file type we throw at them. Plus, they take on the heavy lifting of inserting the updated content into the original assets like Illustrator and even voiceover on a video. Their extra attention to detail saves us a lot of time and is much appreciated by our clients.

Colleen Taylor – CMD

Multilingual Voiceover

VIA offers an exceptional talent base in over 125 different languages, covering a wide range of ages, accents, dialects and character styles. In addition, we are experienced in sourcing, auditioning and selecting voiceover artists and we won’t stop until we find the right match for your needs.

Our recording studio facilities have broadband connectivity and are optimized for voice recording, allowing our sound engineers to provide professional audio localization at a fraction of the cost of traditional translating agency services. Additional services such as international dubbing and lip-sync are also available.

Desktop publishing

Translating and localizing content is only one part of delivering a go-to-market product. The VIA translation agency provides a full range of multilingual desktop publishing translation services for both PC and Macintosh platforms, including layout and reformatting. Text can expand by as much as 60% in the process of translation, often requiring adjustments to design and layout.

All of our desktop publishing services are performed by skilled professionals to ensure speed and quality. Deliverables include a linguistic review and quality assurance check. VIA uses the latest technology, including translation memory and filters, to facilitate translation, layout and publishing of content.

Transcreation Services

By adapting the message to the specific culture to which you are communicating, transcreation allows you to reach the audience at an emotional and intellectual level, making the communication both more meaningful and more effective. A combination of the creative writing and marketing translation processes, transcreation adapts your brand attributes to resonate in a culturally relevant manner.

The VIA team includes linguists skilled in creative writing who remove the risk of multicultural messaging. Our language translation services professionals go beyond language translation to ensure your ideas, brand attributes and key messages hit the cultural mark every time.

Cultural Assessment

Evaluating key messages, names, slogans, graphics and stories is an important first step in localization, to ensure your brand resonates within your target markets. With VIA’s cultural assessment service, in-country experts will evaluate your campaign assets with local market interpretations. You’ll receive a report with a summary of key findings and suggestions by language, country and even culture. READ MORE

In May 2018, we are becoming United Language Group Click to Learn More