Managed Services

Managing volumes of content for multiple audiences in multiple countries speaking multiple languages presents a unique set of challenges. Centralizing your translation management to streamline processes and minimize risk will provide the best return from your investment. There are big benefits to correctly centralizing your organization’s translation work, including cost savings, increased productivity, improved accuracy and more control over data security.

VIA supports a variety of open source and commercial content management systems to simplify the management of your content and your brand.

Infographic Translation Timeline Killers

Learn more about how to keep your translation project on track with our Translation Timeline Killers infographic. See it here.

  • VIA technologies connect translation processes directly with your content repository while preserving quality checkpoints.
  • Automated processes analyze content for word count, use translation memory to match unchanged content to its previous translation, and create a translation work package for the assigned translator to download.
  • VIA’s Memory Bank™ and translation memory solutions enhance match rates to provide the maximum levels of translation re-use, resulting in a 20-50% savings per project.
  • Custom, private-labeled translation platforms facilitate order management and tracking. Content is easily transferred back into your repository in a seamless workflow.
  • Experienced enterprise project management provides support for implementation, internal stakeholder and budget management.
  • Legal specific teams are assigned by subject matter for legal contracts, compliance, intellectually property, litigation and general content. Dashboard reporting supports transparency, tracking and measurement.

Secure & Scalable Solutions

With global offices and network representation in more than 100 countries, VIA provides 24/7 language support and quick-turn translation, freeing you to swiftly adapt project size and scope as needs change. Our integration options complement your internal systems with predictable and measurable translation management. VIA’s secure solutions range from custom-branded platforms and machine translation integration, to CAT and language asset strategies.