Website Translation and Localization

Localization and deployment of a multilingual website allows you to instantly reach a worldwide audience. VIA web localization services help you manage translation content, while ensuring consistency and relevance of your brand in more than 125 languages. In addition, we guide workflow implementation for managing updates to different web locales. These efforts include support for digital media assets and your search engine optimization goals.

  • Localization analysis – Requirements specification, project engineering analysis, client specific process definition and scheduling give you accurate costs and timelines to complete the scope of work.
  • Voice talent selection, voice recording and subtitling
  • Translation and localization – Our talented network of over 5,000 in-country, native-speaking industry specialists ensures essential cultural cues are captured and effectively conveyed. Every detail is considered in light of the target culture, including user interfaces, graphics, display messages and navigation. Our cultural assessment service addresses the cultural appropriateness of your key messages, examples, names and slogans.
  • Localization engineering – VIA localizes all types of programming languages and file types —HTML, XML, SGML, XHTML, ASP, CGI, Cold Fusion, Java, JavaScript, Shockwave, Flash and database technology. Files are carefully analyzed, prepared for translation and engineered with the best possible consideration for time and quality. Working in a content management system? No problem, VIA supports a variety of open source and commercial CMS.
  • Search engine optimization – Localizing your website won’t matter much if your site isn’t discovered in search engines. VIA’s website localization services have the capability to localize and optimize the pages for search engines so you drive traffic and increase lead conversion for your international sites. Services include meta-tag and search suggestions by country, keyword editing and ad creation.
  • Multimedia localization – Address the localization needs of your audio, video, animation, Adobe Flash and rich-media presentations. Services include voice over, script translation, subtitling, video production, arts and graphic localization services.
  • Online review/testing – Our testing team ensures your localized site works the same as the English version, with all links functioning properly and content displaying in context. Functional, linguistic and cosmetic quality assurance is available.
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